Mark Belling Calls a Hit on Yours Truly

Mark Belling Calls a Hit on Yours Truly… high school hallway etiquette,the language of hawk conservativism,when will they learn? Introduction into the wild,as the laws aren’t enforced in the outlands of Africa…

I’d like to preface this with the notion that this whole incident has touched on several things in my life,past,present and future. I want to rewrite this all and add a few thousand(s) of words. But I don’t have the energy to pull out the bourbon and spend the next three hours of the morning… It’ll have to wait for the next time.

The bartender competition had ended. A lot of flash and style resulted in a lot of relatively poor drinks. An occasional tolerable fruit concoction at least provided some daily required dose of vitamin C. I was quite poor,but the bar had an open buffet of various veggies and taco dip for press affiliates. Which of course we were. I was working on social,economic,and political motives for a future post. I am poor. I am not economically viable. But before my attorney and I can begin to discuss the fallout,a nuke lands in my lap. "Mark Belling is here."

Unfortunately,I have two problems. I have to think of something relatively intelligent to talk to Mr. Belling about. Secondly,I haven’t the slightest idea what the bastard looks like. Both of these problems have solutions. Which is in of itself a bigger problem that I am well aware of. This will not end well. These are the front lines. There are casualties in the culture war. It’s time for duty.

I sit down next to the aging woman with Mr. Belling. We have smalltalk. An older gentleman introduces himself and we have smalltalk. The bartender brings me another drink along with Mr. Belling’s. He makes smalltalk with Belling. Things like "When will they learn?" and "They’re just stupid." It’s a miserable facade by a weak existence; the sort of blind obedience in the face of a bigger shit — in whatever gets you off: money,muscles,women,drugs,rape — that defines the enemy of the Culture War.

It’s testosterone fueled hate stroking of each other’s cocks. It stinks of those fundamental American-male principles of high school where the bullies are expected to beat up the weaker kids. Then it sort of hits me: this is the neoconservative voice of America on all fronts. The voice of macho strength and will. It’s a common thread in any neoconservative response to a humanist concern: the Weak and Meager must fend for themselves,and Fuck em’ if they can’t take a joke. Maybe what’s needed is to try communicating with their voice. Perhaps all this time they just haven’t understood my language of common sense and verbal communication.

I walk back to my attorney and explain that I won’t be coming back. This is a one-way ticket,and I’ve got no illusions of what politics in this league will lead to. I take the seat next to Mr. Belling and introduce myself. Be cordial,be civil,think quick. It should be enough to throw his schizophrenic view of reality off-axis.

I rarely listen to your show,Mr. Belling,but I have heard a few things. I don’t appreciate what you’re doing,and you’re a racist. You’ve degraded the human race with your hate-speech. But,being a true American I thought I’d extend you some honesty.

It was not met with a very intelligent response. I didn’t think it would.

"Why don’t you get out of my face?"

"That’s not very nice,Mr. Belling. And after I was being so honest."

The owner then came to intervene. Apparently,due to Mr. Bellings various rants against any sort of humanist viewpoint,he’s angered the union/labor community who bombards him with death threats,no doubt in retaliation for what they see as nothing short of an assault on their dying jobs,income,and livelihood for them and their families. Perhaps I’ve just hit a nerve in the middle of that ongoing situation.

"Do you have a problem?" He asks.

"No, I don’t think so. I don’t think Mr. Belling likes me very much, though."

Well,it’s time for me to leave. He grabs my arm and attempts to shove me in the direction of Exit. I brace myself,and ask "Does Mr. Belling pay you to keep people away from him?" Time for at least one journalistic question. How much money does Belling throw around at his local bar on booze and cigars? How many women’s souls has he bought?

"Are you insinuating something? That’s a loaded question!" It was talk show rhetoric. A pathetic response.

"You can say zero if you want; I’m just curious."

"It’s time for you to go." And with that,he shoves me back into about five thugs waiting for me. They grab hold and pin me. He takes my hat,throws it forcefully back off into the bar. The thugs all begin to shove me back towards the door,and the owner grabs my sunglasses & prescription glasses off my face. The thugs awkwardly force me backwards,ignoring my protests that I can’t leave without my glasses. I grab hold of something secure, and reiterate that I won’t be leaving without my glasses. The thugs have had enough of this "talking" — especially from this weak liberal — so it’s time to tap dance on my face. A few jabs,no one’ll notice. I’m laughing and smiling; jab after jab I continue to ask for my glasses, and I’m not moving anywhere. At one point a thug steps over while I’m on the ground,and takes a good whack at my jaw. I smile,spit saliva mixed with blood,and ask "Is that the best you can do you liberal pussy?"

They pick me up,and two thugs are holding my arms behind me. A third thug is busy not listening to my inquiries,and would rather take another shot at my face again. After minutes of thugs,this guy somehow thinks his jab is going to solve anything. It doesn’t,I continue on,asking him when he’s going to get my glasses,asking him if he’s on Belling’s payroll,and if my glasses would be sold to fund his campaign.

The owner is there,and he and the thugs claim once again that it is time for me to leave. Apparently,they didn’t like my first answer. I don’t know what made them think I’d do anything different. The thugs make the mistake of letting me go. Up to this point,I’d been taking blow by blow,having a good time knowing that they’ve spent all this high school bravado proving why we should Support Our Troops,why Liberals are Fags,why we’re bombing some arab idiots into the stone age because they don’t love Freedom. They just keep throwing punches at em’. That’ll teach em. But it doesn’t. They just don’t learn.

I notice the owner is wearing glasses. I am still not wearing mine. Hm.

Time for an object lesson in simple economics: the barter system. I make a quick move,and go for his glasses: a quick jab with my left to make him duck down,and a sweep up with my right hand and I grab his glasses off his face. He never saw it coming. I hold on tight,knowing the thugs’ll have fists flying.

Just as planned,they’re unhappy that I’ve done what they’ve least expected.

"You can hit me all you want,but you’re not getting your glasses back until I get mine."

Then it somehow hits them. Common sense. A moment of clarity. Who knows. I not only get my glasses back,but my sunglasses and even my hat. I hand back the owner’s glasses. More likely they’ve just grown tired of attempting to beat sense into me. I’m clearly a lost cause. They shove me to the ground out the door,and I get up,brush off,and thank them for a good time.

"How about a handshake?" I ask. "No? Oh. Well,Jesus would be disappointed in you."

Then I turn to the video camera,and ask rhetorically "And why not?"

This video camera has been on at various points in and outside of the bar. The whole incident is on tape: Mr. Belling,the Owner,the Thugs,the punches and mob mentality on a guy without his glasses. The case for assault is blindingly clear. And there’s Mr. Belling,smiling at this little scrap getting pummeled by a few of his Good Ol’ Conservative boys.

But what’s really interesting is the predictability of this whole thing. Was there any doubt? No,none. The voice of those who say such prophetic things like "War is Hell" with such zeal and tearful pride that their dicks get hard. They see an Arab walking down the street as a terrorist with an AK. They don’t see an American citizen. They see Freedom as their own personal Nigger. Holier,Bigger,Tougher than Thou. They see death,and they cheer like dogs and call for more.

Bring It On.

The Easy Kill

A bit of background here: A beer,some San Juan rum,Sin City playing, and some goddamn hot fake Mexican nachos.

You got a great attitude,Robertson. A real credit to the Nation.

"If I could just get a nuclear device inside the [state department]."

"The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist,anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands,kill their children,practice witchcraft,destroy capitalism,and become lesbians." Summer 1992.

"The Bible has standards,and the standard makes it very clear that the acceptance of homosexuality in a society is the last stage after God has given a people up."

"Kwanzaa is an absolute fraud. You know,there was no festival in Africa called ‘Kwanzaa.’ I mean,it’s made up by a bunch of hippie-types on the West Coast. I mean,it’s not something that goes back to Africa. No way."

"this is a Christian country,it’s founded by Christians,Christmas is one of our great celebrations. And if people don’t like America and the traditions that made America great, let them go to Saudi Arabia,let them go to Pakistan. Yeah,they can go to the Sudan and find a wonderful Muslim holiday."

"Individual Christians are the only ones really—and Jewish people,those who trust God of Abraham,Isaac,and Jacob–are the only ones that are qualified to have the reign,because hopefully,they will be governed by God and submit to Him." 1

Blood for blood and by the gallons! And the Big Jesus Gun’s out for you, Chavez. They won’t crucify you like Saddam. The fat is in the fire – spics are no better than sandniggers to Big Je$us now. He’s not looking for the sinners anymore. He’s looking for big oil and big government under Him,not for you people; the poor sinners. You can nearly see the crosses on the airliners. We all remember the face of satan when the towers fell? Case of mistaken identities. That was the face of Christ. The Big Greed. Money. Freedom Gold Ltd. African Development Corporation. Charles Taylor.

Speaking of Je$us,does anyone remember the ethnic cleansing in Liberia? No? How about the child armies? The smell of death? Je$us does; Mr. Robertson does. In August 2003,a comprehensive peace agreement ended 14 years of civil war and prompted the resignation of former president Charles Taylor,who was exiled to Nigeria. Taylor’s brutal regime targeted several leading opposition and political activists. In 1998,the government sought to assassinate child rights activist Kimmie Weeks for a report he had published on its involvement in the training of child soldiers. His campaign song included the words "he killed my ma,he killed my pa,I’ll vote for him." Taylor’s autocratic and dysfunctional government led to a new rebellion in 1999. More than 200,000 people are estimated to have been killed in the civil wars. Taylor supported the Revolutionary United Front (RUF),a rebel group in Sierra Leone,during the 1990s,and has been accused of having perpetuated that war through his support for the RUF. Taylor runs a regime that routinely imprisons,tortures,and rapes citizens for offenses like participating in peaceful demonstrations. He was involved in the trading of "blood diamonds",the same sort of mineral greed whose vital pipeline was cornered by al Queda prior to 9/11. Osama bin Laden’s aides Fazul Abdullah Mohammed and Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani come to Liberia’s capital city Monrovia to discuss diamonds with Taylor’s top aide Ibrahim Bah. They strike a deal to bring in al Queda ops to the dying nation to purchase diamonds. In June 2003,a United Nations justice tribunal issued a warrant for Taylor’s arrest, charging him with war crimes. The UN asserts that Taylor created and backed the RUF rebels in Sierra Leone,which is accused of a range of atrocities,including the use of child soldiers.2

Meanwhile, 1999 sees the incorporation of Freedom Gold Ltd to mine those Blood Diamonds by the Big Je$us Robertson,who signed a lovely 10% with Mr. Taylor in the venture. Which was the sequel to Mobutu Sese Seko, President of Zaire,and his open support for Rwandan Hutu extremists responsible for the Rwandan genocide in 1994. His ban on political oppositional parties. His name translates to "The all-powerful warrior who,because of his endurance and inflexible will to win,will go from conquest to conquest,leaving fire in his wake," more or less. He worked hard on little but to increase his personal fortune,which in 1984 was estimated to amount to nearly US $4 billion,most of it in Swiss banks. This was almost equivalent to the country’s foreign debt at the time.

Bush’s government gave federal grants to Christian charities that are involved in conversion activities around the world. Faith-based initiatives. On 3 October 2002,U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced that Pat Robertsons charity,Operation Blessing,would be given grants through the Compassion Capital Fund without restrictions as to the use of funds. And why not? Operation Blessings already was a $66 million a year organization. In 1994 Robertson said in Congress that cargo planes were recruiting Rwandan refugees but in fact the plans were used to haul mining equipment in and out of Zaire for his African Development Corporation to mine those lovely,innocent diamonds. 3

Connecting the goddamn dots between Our Lxrd,Je$us Robertson,Genocide,The War on Terrorism. But no,that’s not it. Not by a long shot. If you can’t see and smell the childrens’ blood on the streets of some third world country… just another dark spot on the Christian consciousness. You’ll never believe it,your faith in God is too strong. And heaven’s Right around the corner.

"I can see the angels moving through this stadium!" Taylor shouted into the microphone. "And they went back to God and said,’Lord,Liberia is knocking on the door.’ And I can hear Him say,’Open the door and let Liberia in!". Taylor then laid prostrate on the ground,"slain in the spirit. This authority is Jesus Christ. Not I am your President,but Jesus." (CBN story by Victor Oladokun,March 8, 2002).

When the AntiChrist comes,you’ll have embraced it as $aviour.

The Heavy Artillery

The last remaining voice of reason,humility,spiritualism and tolerance left in the human race:

The evolution/creationism discussion is based on what we should teach children about where we came from. There’s a very real,very specific & valid rationale that says the question itself is invalid. Every religion and culture has its own description of The Beginning and The End. Where do we come from? The question is pondered not just by religious scholars,but by scientists, by philosophers. By all humans. Its a very human question,a defining question of the conscious self. We’re all searching for that answer in one way or another.

So what do we teach our children?

Evolution has been taught in schools as a scientific theory of how the Earth’s species evolved from the bare particulate that made up the planet some time ago. There’s some scientific evidence to support it. There’s some theories built from Evolution that are supported by a majority of scientific community. But evolution deals with timespans of millions and millions of years,an extremely difficult environment to experiment. The science of DNA and genetics are extremely young,there are no real good solid answers yet.

But let’s note the definition of the phrase "Scientific Theory". A theory itself is just a proposed explanation of something. A scientific theory is a proposed explanation of something based upon some accepted scientific principles,and generally accepted by some broader range of the scientific community. The idea that "one theory is as good as another" is not true,and fundamentally not true in science.

Which of course brings us to the Theory of Creationism. There are actually a few different interpretations. However,the one I’m specifically calling out is the concept of the literal description from Genesis,and the theory that the Earth and Everything is about 6000 years old. This is considered a theory – however,it is not a generally accepted scientific theory by a majority of the scientific community.


Simply because the overwhelming scientific evidence of the world around us does not support it. And,well,that’s pretty much it. Creationism as a scientific theory needs to stand on its own. Touting the shortcomings of Evolution is not scientific evidence of Creationism.

I recall being left (with a lot of other Americans) that the theory of evolution was a hard one to grasp. I wasn’t – and currently am not – convinced. I’m left with the same questions the rest of humanity asks: Where did we come from? But I’m actually okay with that. We are,in fact,human; fallable and incomplete. Some of us are just a bit more accepting and humble about it.

This debate is considered a Dividing Issue Among Americans,a Theatre of Operations in the Culture War. Liberalism vs. Conservativism. Science vs. God. Its debated on both sides as such. This is wrong.

We,as questioning conscious human beings ask these questions regardless of faith. What is the sun made of? What are those stars in the sky? Is there life out there? What is our place here in the universe? One’s belief in God does not answer these questions. Faith in God does not answer these questions. Because no matter how much faith we have,we are not God. We don’t know.

So we search. We explore creation around us,from the quantum to the edges of the universe. Science is the study of God’s creation – us & the universe. Evolution was a theory put forth in that pursuit of understanding God’s creation. The Big Bang,black holes,neuroscience,SETI,psychology. All pursuits to learn what God’s given us.

I’m going to redefine a term. Intelligent Design: the concept that what’s around us is created by some higher intelligent creator. And it exists. When we look at the fundamental rules that govern our universe,we find exactly that: Rules, Structure,Design.

So what do we teach our children?

I do not want our children taught that the inadequate speculative answers to the universe are gospeltruth. I want to teach our children how to ask questions. I want to teach children how to search for those answers themselves. Evolution should be discussed for what it is: to-date the only scientific theory of the evolution of life on Earth,but instill the idea that it is incomplete,unanswered,possibly incorrect,and leave children wondering if they might find the answer.

Not that Evolution is a competing theory with Creationism,and every other speculated theory proposed. Because it is not,as what is generally accepted in the scientific community. If you happen to feel the dire divine need to teach your child Creationism,go ahead. There are places for extra-curricular studies to augment school. Church,Museums, Mosques,National Parks.

Since this is supposed to be a goddamn blog,I’ll point out that my personal belief is that God exists,and is absolutely like nothing any human has ever imagined or comprehended.

As far as Christian God goes,I might even go so far as to say that if you’re ignoring the study of the universe around you,you are offending God and His gift of creation that exists all around you.

Addendum: Christians may not believe life exists anywhere else in the Universe. This,however,has no bearing on whether or not life exists anywhere else in the Univserse. If you know it doesn’t,you are not very humble. Jesus was humble. You are attempting to be God. This is wrong.

Fire up the Color Meter,Don! We have Trouble!

May God bless and protect our men and women in uniform fighting for our freedom and may God continue to bless America.4

Kristinn Taylor said he is helping to organize a counter-demonstration to let protesters know that "their anti-American message is not going to go unanswered,like it was during Vietnam."5

"They’re not holding an anti-war protest,it’s an anti-American protest,"6

Kristinn Taylor.

"Sexism is allowed if you’re liberal."

"I don’t want to know the truth. I don’t want to know what we [American foreign policy] did. Not the total truth." – caller. "Amen." – Kristinn

Kristinn Tayler. Anti-American.

It doesn’t matter how much you support your President,your Goverment,your Armed Forces. This,so far,is still a Free Country which supports its citizens’ right to protest anything. Amen.

"She wants to destroy Israel. She said Israel should get out of Palestine." – Kirstenn Tayler.

President Bush still supports the poor Roadmap for Peace,which calls for a Palestinian state. I don’t believe that includes removing Israel completely. These are not intelligent people. These are people with money,and a deep sexual passion for hearing their own voice loudly in a political arena,whom we’ve let speak. "Democrats are not patriotic. Maybe a few. I can’t think of any." "Can’t you be patriotic and to engage in dissent?" "That’s a lovely cliche. Mainly by the radical left to legitimize their efforts to undermine the war effort. We believe a lot of liberals are working with Terrorist organizations. Some of these groups met in Cairo with militant groups to discuss how to prevent the Iraq war." 7 Welcome to Fascism. Enjoy your stay.


"America fights for freedom. It doesn’t fight for conquest. We are a country that liberates people."

Ignore Your History.

addendum 2:
Freedom isn’t free.

It’s fought for on more than foreign soil,through foreign policy. More than vigilance in airports and on BARTs. Arab Terrorists,Palestinian suicide bombers,Anti-Technology Lunatics are not going stage a coup and overthrow our goverment some night. It takes more than killing, destroying buildings,or leveling cities to destroy freedom. Freedom and Liberty won’t be blown up by explosives.

It takes the People.

If We,the American People,do not fight for freedom,it will slip quietly away at the hands of majority legislation,back into the memories of a few people who are left alive… who remember what it was like to be able to walk down the street and speak whatever comes to mind without recourse…

That first kiss…

The human tragedy has consumed me,by my own consumption of oil in the past week. Depression,reflection,introspection. The place where I come from is a small town. They think so small,they use small words. But not me… Oh,I pray to my Big God; as I kneel in my Big Church. So much stuff I will own.

Purchase,Want,Need,Own,Buy. Jesus said to her,‘Give Me a drink.’ gospel according to st. John.

The Gaza Strip pullout has begun. But I don’t have a counterpoint to posit. Bush passes by protesting mother…. but I know these daily motions…. Meanwhile my budget decrements and my depths sink. All I want is a Method,a Purpose. It’s all too depressing. So I’ve searched for Purpose and Method. I found,thanks to natebowendotcom,freerepublic. And thanks to Tyler,Michael Savage’s "bigotry will save us". Suddently my "God Hates Fags" lash has less resonance. I feel less guilty,More American. I should purchase a Ford. A Humvee. A Miller Product. Conserve my Money.

Tyler gave me a book. It’s a good book,which means it only aids my failing faith. I ask. Has The United States Of America participated in Genocide? Your answer will not affect the outcome of our President’s actions against Iran,Venezuela,Iraq,Drugs,Abortion, Fucking,Afghanistan,Cunting,Terrorism,Global Free Market Economy, Social Security,or Deficit. I promise. Jesus said to her,‘Give Me a drink.’ gospel according to st. John.

I heard today that there may be more illegal,undocumented aliens from the Canadian border than the Mexican border. Who ever heard of a Cuacasian terrorist anyways? But those Niggers and Spics,give them one inch on American Soil,and We’re In For Trouble. Let’s not get into the Fags,I think I’ve addressed that already for our young infatuated Blind-Conservative Friends at the other table. Where are the minutemen of the north? Where are our patriotic heroes to protect our Jobs? Are they in China? Indonesia? Certainly not the Idols of the American Dream at the top of Profits! O Lord! Praise be to White Je$us!

We’re in this together,my friends and enemies. Not one of us is getting out alive without a little bit of education. Jesus said to her,‘Give Me a drink.’ gospel according to st. John.

And so on.

Michael Savage:
In fact,Christianity has been one of the great salvations on planet Earth. It’s what’s necessary in the Middle East. Others have written about it,I think these people need to be forcibly converted to Christianity

The most — I tell you right now — the largest percentage of Americans would like to see a nuclear weapon dropped on a major Arab capital. They don’t even care which one. They’d like an indiscriminate use of a nuclear weapon.

Because these primitives can only be treated in one way,and I don’t think smallpox and a blanket is good enough incidentally. Just before — I’m going to give you a little precursor to where I’m going. Smallpox in a blanket,which the U.S. Army gave to the Cherokee Indians on their long march to the West,was nothing compared to what I’d like to see done to these people

Okay folks,here’s the punchline: This is not your typical religious human. This is not a Christian. This is not a Conservative. This is not even a Pro-Life,nor Pro-War individual. This is the psychopathic delusion that we drive the religious,the Christian, the Conservative,Pro-Life,Pro-War mind into by the left attacking God and Conservative Values. These are not Conservative values. These are paranoid delusions by a true anti-American.

I am creating a List.

And so on.

I have imbibed Too Much Oil

Remind me to make millions off an automatic lobotomy machine for $.25 in the back of shit-hole dive bars. Just a few drinks,slip a quarter in and zip,the perfect rescue — missing frontal lobe.

Just a bit off the top,kind sir.

Also,this just in — I am no longer allowed to watch 12 monkeys ever again. Suddenly I start having delusions like Brad Pitt freaking out on an overdose of social criticism. Perhaps I should stop reading Vonnegut as well. O hell.

The current problem resides in my current state of consciousness. I have woken up too early for work,but require more sleep prior to work,and as the body works in 3-4 hour chunks of sleep at a time,will undoubtedly wake up right around 10:00am. Which will make me late for work,but not for the typical Reasons. At least not directly. It’s quite nice out this morning however. Grey skies,fresh from rain,birds,no automobiles,neighbors asleep (or at least quietly tending their own suppressed demons behind closed doors). And so on. But the fact that I have only one Hawaiian shirt will become a problem soon. How about some music?

It occurs to me now — did I eat? I remember calamari,but was the rest spent in my terrible mind-wasteland state? Who were these figures? Have I detached from Time,but left with no memory of the rift? Spent the evening in a slow grind of an earlier age?

At least my kitten has no concept of the terrible plague of full human consciousness. They’ve learned. Of course,now that I’m moving, it’s her time to tear-ass around the house. Playtime.

It’s probably time to inherit Tyler’s methodology of waking up in the morn and calling Friends and Family and Apologizing greatly for whatever. G’night.