Remember the present?

Theirs is not to make reply,theirs is not to reason why,theirs but to do or and die,Into the Valley of Death rode the Six Hundred. Came thro’ the jaws of Death; Back from the mouth of Hell…

The day I tried to live & Inside the mind of a carjacker…

Now is not the time for Politick. Now is the time to save lives. To support our troops. To not reason why. Indeed. Right now I could be driving to New Orleans to spend my energy helping the poor black refugees rather than writing,Right? People are saving lives and all I can do is criticize them?


Look,the people of New Orleans were warned; they were told to evacuate. They knew it’d be bad,LSU predicted the levees wouldn’t hold a Cat 4 hurricane. And yet,they stayed,and now they’re refugees in a major American Metropolitan City; dying & surviving. Spending all this time for the poor people in the ghetto who are obviously too dumb to leave. They should have known it’d be this bad. They should have known.

If the poor black community should have known to leave,then,shouldn’t the local,state,and federal government known to get in? Hm? I mean,if it was so stupid for the public not to leave,why is it conversely not stupid for someone to get in as soon as the storm hit? Monday afternoon?

So maybe they weren’t so stupid,and you & I have just taken a step closer to what I like to call compassion for your fellow human life.

There is an organization called FEMA,and an organization called the National Guard. They are both federal government funded programs. Their jobs are to respond to overwhelming disasters,where there’s massive loss of life,danger,and tragedy. That’s their responsibility,and we pay them to do their job. Their response to why FEMA activated Thursday and troops arrived Friday: Because they were "overwhelmed". Talk of unprecedented tragedy while LSU replies over and over again that this is exactly what the models they showed to FEMA and the New Orleans officials for years predicted. I don’t particularly like any government agency whose job it is to handle an "overwhelming" situation come out with an excuse like "it was overwhelming" when they knew exactly what would happen.

A fact sheet issued by the Corps in May said that seven construction projects in New Orleans had been stalled for lack of funding. It noted that the budget proposed by President Bush for 2005 was $3 million and called that amount insufficient to fund new construction contracts. ”We could spend $20 million if the funds were provided,” the fact sheet said. Two major pump stations needed to be protected against hurricane storm surges,the fact sheet said,but the budgets for 2005 and 2006 "will prevent the corps from addressing these pressing needs.” ”The design was not adequate to protect against a storm of this nature,” he said. “We were not authorized to provide protection to Category 4 or 5 design.”1

Waiting to tally the crisis numbers for five days before putting troop feet on the ground is not acceptable emergency response. The people who went in to try and save lives while the towers were burning on 9/11 are called "heroes". They didn’t wait to calculate how many people were on what floor. They did their job: they responded with instant reflexes as they’d been trained to do,and they saved lives.

Race. There is no issue of race in New Orleans. There’s an issue of class. An issue of money. The mayor ordered everyone to evacuate… on their own tab. With their own vehicles. Where was the public transportation? Where could the poor afford to go? Did they have family? These people are living paycheck to paycheck,like many many Americans of all race who can’t afford to invest,save,401k,buy that brand new car,buy on credit and improve their credit rating. They were left to die,and now we’re all pissed they took to the streets to loot goods for financial gain,find food and water for sustenance,and steal guns for protection.

When armageddon and martial law come to me,I will be the first motherfucker to break into WalMart for a handful of firearms,a bottle of bourbon, snickers and jugs of water and a fucking PSP.

The now-ubiquitous looting news video: A cop points the barrel of his shotgun down on two young black men who are walking out of a store into the deep water of the "street". He orders them to throw the clothes down. Keeping security & law.

Ok,shit for brains. You’ve just ordered two guys to throw the merchandise from a store who’s going to claim complete loss of inventory to their insurance company who in turn are going to bail or go bankrupt and defer to the national government and call the whole fucking thing a loss – to throw down said merchandise into the fucking water where it will sit until a god damn street cleaner comes in about 2 months to throw it into a god damn growing garbage barge to be dumped into the god damn Atlantic.

And so on.

Meanwhile the two young men will go loot the next store down around the corner because the only thing worth living for – the only thing they’ve been taught in life – is money and financial security for the next time the government forsakes their lives in the next natural disaster/terrorist attack.

Way to fucking go,you good god damn American. At least we’re keeping up the concept of Good American Capitalist Corporate Protection alive & well. Horatio Algiers just shat out a diarrhea of oil futures contracts.

PBS had an interesting editorial. It said,in a nutshell: We Americans are used to seeing third world communities on television in places like Africa,people who aren’t Caucasians who have no money. It doesn’t happen in first world countries. It doesn’t happen in The Land of Opportunity,America. New Orleans didn’t become a third world country. The first world people left New Orleans,and the hurricane stripped off the American wealth facade – the glossy television commonplace – leaving the third world population that was always there. Just out of sight,out of mind…