Well,I haven’t posted in a while. I quit my fucking job. There won’t be another fucking job quite like that one. I have a new job now. I drive to brookfield to work in a slick consulting firm. I wear khakis most of the time at work. But there’s still beer in the fridge in the office. And I frighten them occasionally. Some have noted that this might be a bad thing. I,however,know what the fuck I am doing,which should scare the fuck out of everyone.

The only reason I am posting is because I’m attempting to take another INSPQMOU812 test. These things piss me off to no end.

While I wait in line,I certainly don’t bother other people,but when someone talks to me,I don’t clam up and hide,I have a good conversation. I can easily talk to people I don’t know,but don’t go out of my way to bother people I don’t know in a grocery store line. At a party,though,I have and I do. I was way more introverted when I moved here from Cumberland and knew no one here. But, here we are.

I am WAY more idealistic than sensible. Pure sensibilities are for people who cannot extend themselves or motivate themselves to explore and learn the world around them,they take it as it is. They accept. Obey. Sleep.

This can only mean I should rewrite this whole thing. Apply scalar "appropriateness" to each question. Somewhere between this question is relevant,and this one is bullshit. The Relevant-Bullshit Daveclay Scale.

Do you tend to: Say right out what’s on your mind,or keep your ears open. How are those mutually exclusive? Common sense is good enough on its own to provide a foundation for making good decisions,but isn’t an excuse to ignore reality.

I am a fucking idealist.

INFP,so says this thing. The Healer. From all that healing I’ve done in my life. Suckers.

You feel the most appreciated when your partner listens to you carefully.
Heh, or,let’s maybe rewrite that. I feel the most frustration when people don’t listen to me carefuly. Because people like Mr. Belling would rather not be smarter if it meant humility as much as they’d like to remain Right. Hey,if people agree with you,you can’t be wrong,can you?

You need to be understood.
You’d all be a lot happier,goddamnit. Or,you’d all have gotten beaten up by now. I support both.

I have come to the conclusion that there are fewer true introverts than true extroverts. Most of us I think fall into the rational social group. We’re not shy,we’re not out there to get attention.

Alright,the New American Century is beginning to ripen. I can smell it already. The Democrats are headed for a sicky, humiliating demise because they are stupid. Even Dean needs to have a good talking to. I saw a news article that attached a giant fat fucking D next to McCain’s name. At least we won’t be quickly killing off children by the millions.We’ll leave them to the slwo death of overpopulation,malnutrition,China,WalMart ChristFucking. Note to stem cell fanatics: human embryos die by the millions every month,the end. Republican Neo Christians: the people of female gender are Human. Stop dreaming about the Gay Christ Rape fantasy and start paying attention to reality,and start paying attention to the bible/koran/lambs of abortion lyrics instead of the child raping priests held so dear to the Roman Catholic Political Corporate Complex Money. Wait. How much Money is Jesus getting from the Pope? Zero,McFuckers. I bet Joe Doesn’t Get A Job Because He’s Lazy But We Can’t Have Illegal Mexican Immigrants In Boston sleeping down the street is getting zero capitalist centivo from Good Ol Christ’s Father Mr. Bush. Doesn’t it piss you off when people don’t speak English? Let’s pass a law. Make a show of it. Get on TV. No Money Down. Win. 4 8 15 16 23 42. Suck it up,it’s good for you.

Oh, I have a cold. I’m looped up on medicine. Sorry.. Time for some tea.