Marketplace Accountabilty,Pt. 2: Possible Solutions.

Happy Birthday HST,rot in hell.

I’ve just received yet another letter from a random collection agency about another random student loan that happens to be 630 days past due,naturally. You can see where this is going.

I remember having an interview with a potential landlord once. I had submitted my application and security deposit. But the potential landlord wanted to clear something up; she had actually run my credit report to gather insight into what types of lurid, homicidal,sexual depraved lunatics might be allowed to occupy her House. She wanted simply to inform me of my poor credit rating,and that if it were not for my roomate,sitting next to me at the time,I would certainly not be renting from her,naturally. And this,of course,is commonplace; I’d be lucky to find a homeless shelter to live out of with my FICO tally bottoming out somewhere near the American Trade Deficit.

This sort of happy fun time calls for a special viewing of the 2005 feel good movie of the year. A movie where doing the Right Thing doesn’t really coincide with anything Right. Where heroes burn,foes dine out,the women all speak suicide and guns,lots of righteous guns. All those things I see down the barrel.

Anyways. Marketplace accountability: The equalizing and justifying force of money. Money is something we all can have,all we can have,just like the investors,politicians,and corporations that are all vying for profit and control. It’s what has,and they want from me for the last 630 days. But that’s just the thing about the market,and its incongruence with accountability. The market is cold,with a singular motive. What makes it that equal force is the same thing that makes it that unethical,immoral,uncaring and quiet. Its simply money, and the will to use it.

And now I’m stuck on the new dilemma. That immoral equalizing force. Knowledge and force,backbones of Pax Americana,backbones of the Bush Doctrine. Corporate America declares war on the naive and the poor with impunity as those who legislate, dictate,in that caste of the ideal American Dream up on the ruins of Capitol Hill and K Street. Sometimes they’re anonymous,sometimes they’re public. ECMI is corporate and anonymous. I legislate and dictate. ECSI. 181 Montour Run Road,Coraopolis,PA 15108. Phone: 1-800-437-6931. John Lynch,President / CEO. 118 Amy Jo Ln,Coraopolis,PA 15108. (412) 269-4837. Maybe my punishment for foolish investments,not filing a change-of-address form, following up on my 18 year old contracts is come due. I’m not a good person,certainly a failure as an American. Maybe I’ve got this all wrong and those who are rich deserve to be the only ones who can afford an election run,and we all suck it up another 4 years as we watch Israel fire missles into Lebonese familes,Hezballah rockets into the elderly,Iraqi citizens tear themselves apart and third world teenagers sewing shirts for those Bush talks openly with the economy busy fucking every corporate whore in town. Be all you can be. Don’t turn around. Insurance payments slaves minimum wage congress fuck God’s world around you,we have business to do. Yeah.

Maybe me and my fucking shot credit have had enough. Maybe I like the concept of Marketplace Accountability,of an equalizing,unethical and immoral force. Justified unconcious greed to worship blankly. God Damned.