Notes on Morality

The purpose of the Law in our society is applied in a preventative nature – to hold in the general and open Freedom from becoming Anarchy… But it’s more than that. America’s constitution and many of the laws we abide by are inherently Good in nature,based in our underlying morals and beliefs in human decency and even Christian biblical references.

So why do we ignore our Law,when its foundations are grounded in our morals and ethics and ideas of freedom and justice. Do we not believe these are truly fundamental human rights anymore – if they don’t apply to every human – or should apply? What are we doing in Iraq if we don’t actually believe in our universal Truth & Law at the most basic of human levels? Or do we strip those we suspect & target by their race of their human status? Cast them in the glorious light of the new Gulf oil… Fire and forget.

[The Administration] will challenge the "judicial interference with national security"and challenge dissenting Congressmen and civil libertarians to either stand with the terrorists or the American people.

Dangerous questions to be asking now days. Gonzales an Karl Rove are on the warpath for the next couple of months,building Big Ideals,Security & Fear in the porous minds of blissfully ignorant Americans. Ah,the Sirens approach… Rest assured,Law is being propagated tonight,right here in Milwaukee,WI. A good Jude-ing awaits some poor degenerate soul. But that’s tough love for those out there who dare defy the Republican Way: this hurts me more than it hurts you. Indeed.

I smell exhaust. I can hear the machinery of unbalanced justice rumbling and moil. No,that’s just the tractor asphalt bedrock device driving back and forth out my window. Rise & Shine.

As Bush announces never mind that now,those previous allegations; this is the real deal: We The CIA are in fact detaining prisoners in foreign countries. Terrorists like Khalid Sheikh Muhammad from 9/11,name-brand high-profile prisoners that can bring some Usefulness and Credibility to Gitmo,as we’re spoon fed fear consumerism into our isolated senses. This is a political salvo,meant to initiate the Republican frame on one of the few issues Americans tend to follow the belligerent,violent party line: namely and primarily Fear and Anger.

Fear & Anger that’s easily and summarily directed and manipulated against the standard liberal society,especially in an election year. Homosexuals, democrats,women,foreigners,human rights and other various casualties we’re about to face in sixty some days…


Ethics Board clears Doyle; Green GOP PAC SOL…

Doyle leads Green by some 9 points… 48% support the gay marriage ban, as of Aug. 20.
Only the seriously doomed and depraved could honestly like these candidates. Politicians like these deal with Money and Power on the scale of demigods,and they are the ones in charge of distributing that power. But these are the same doomed souls who apparently still hold to the conservative social beliefs of the Spanish Inquisition.

Campaign statements are shallow impact-centric generalizations. This doesn’t even qualify as spin,as I’m sure every frantic biased junkie will cry. Green’s "dirty money" is actually from various GOP PACs for his national congressional campaign that he moved into his gubernatorial account. Using money donated from sources outside of Wisconsin was made illegal in January 06,then state lawmakers suspended the law a month, but didn’t take it off the books before lawmakers ended the legislative session in July. The idea,and the decision for the turnover,was the standard/familiar "he broke the law" logic republicans are so fond of distributing to illegal immigrants with unfeeling impunity. A true spin tactic would have been for Green to come out full speed (with U2 in the background) showing how his $468k is really money from Jesus Christ himself,and who would deny his omniscience outside Wisconsin? It was meant to bring peace to the middle east and bring a million jobs to rural Wisconsin and cure cancer (but not AIDS). The corrupt and partisan Ethics Board are clearly minions of Satan and probably homosexual; and affront to The Church.

But,it doesn’t matter,this is an election campaign,and it doesn’t matter whats’ Right or Wrong. "You’re innocent until investigated"… Indeed. A court battle over $468k would divert all focus on the Green navigators. At this high speed,a slight loss of focus and bump in the road can highside you off into a fence,bending and snapping the candidate in half… It’s the high speed rush,the ultimate drug as HST always said. And these dumb fuckers are strapped in for good or ill. And so am I,if I can find the right combination of speed & chemicals to keep up on the side of the road. I think the purchase of the Ducati is an important step to understanding a high-octane burn of the gubernatorial and presidential campaigns. But what to name it….

Doyle’s been cleared of his ethics charge for a campaign donation from Richard Schiffrin who met with Doyle but did not talk about Schiffrin’s desire for state business… though three more linger in dark offices and conference rooms in various concrete bunkers in Madison inre: the Kewaunee nuke-you-ler power plant,Adelman Travel bid,and the bid for the Kennilworth building. Threading the center line with diesel-powered 18-piston Peterbuilts throttling past.

Political sycophants abhor a vacuum?