Misfire,defection… Obama,Ford Jr.,The Sad New Democrats

There’s nothing quite as disappointing as stepping up to the line, pulling the trigger,and hearing an empty click of a misfire on a brand new Springfield Armory 1911-A1 parkerized GI .45,except perhaps for what appears to be the new Template of Democratic Candidate – whatever works; but when the pin is gone,there’s no point in reloading. In Tennessee,Harold Ford Jr. is running a "perfect race" according to GOP, which is no surprise considering he’s a Democrat running on a platform that’s anti-abortion,anti-gay marriage,and anti-flag desecration.

Thanks to several horrible factors of politics including Abramoff and Foley,a week ago the Democrats were looking at a near clearing of the Republican open seats,even in red states such as Virginia and Missouri. But the democrats have always lacked the cohesion of the evil machinery of the GOP: efficient get out the vote campaigns,moving big names across the campaign landscape quickly,and sly control over debate. The Democrats,perhaps,succumb to their own unattainable ideals while presenting candidates that never live up to their hopes… or the tyranny capable of so many lifetime politicians.

The numbers have slowly readjusted back to the GOP machine’s whim: the numbers are back within margins of error in the Senate tossups: Montana,Missouri, Tennessee,Ohio,Virginia,Maryland,New Jersey… a new breed of scum. The House is not much difference. 15 tossup races in OH15,IN2,NY26, NM1,IN9,NC11,CT2,and others. The fallout of the many Republican failures are harming candidates everywhere,yet there’s still a lack of definition from the Democrats. Big Name Republicans are out in droves, hitting 10 states in a week,consuming the political press wonks like monday night football on cocaine. I see the occasional blurb on Bill Clinton heading to Tennessee this week for Ford Jr.,and Obama is downtown in Milwaukee today on behalf of Doyle… Democratic candidates should switch to a steady diet of meth and airplane gasoline.

Too many goddamn topics. The dismantled American privilege Habeas Corpus was once a inalienable human right defined in our own Constitution by people who understood corruption of the ultimate power. A foundation of democracy that we spread at the barrel of a gun. A right guaranteed to the presumed innocent to provide a Structure of Fair Law. But fear has left us blind: the tyranny of security consumes judgment,and drapes us with a blanket of fake patriotism masked as What You & I Need. Yeah. The law Democracy demands is good enough for the myriad of horrors in American Crime – a law we find truth and justice in – is not good enough for non-Americans… The reality is that Americans do not see Arabs, foreigners,supposed terrorists as humans. Numbers,Villains,Political Targets. They don’t deserve such inalienable human rights,it’s only good enough for our criminals who pose an infinitely more pronounced threat to your day to day life than Al Queda. I,personally, trust in a system of habeas corpus. The Republicans do not.

Speaking of non-humans,here’s the topic of discrimination and homosexuals… The government is upholding a concept defined by Christianity. While Iraq spirals out into secular atrocity,government spending soars,and everything a classical Republican would run scared from,one topic binding conservatives is a topic defined by religion – a scope outside its own jurisdiction,last I checked. But let’s say this is a religious issue,defined by Christians. Why is it suddenly the Government’s job to uphold this Christian definition,in light of protest? My suggestion would be to find a Christian sect that supports gay marriage and let the courts battle out which religion is Right. Of course the reason for the resistance to such diversity is due to Social Conservatism: traditional values are what uphold our society,and anything short slides us closer to Sin,Hell,Damnation,and our Children will suffer. Which is all fine & good… except that’s not what defines Freedom. There are two ways out of this: one is freedom for all,equal rights for all: marriage is defined by religion,and government only defines civil unions… or we execute the social conservative agenda: a Christian nation,complete with Santa Clause and a Christmas Tree,and the rest can have… whatever they get,feed them to the wolves like Foley and Maliki.

Of course social conservatives aren’t racists or discriminatory. No Republicans hate homosexuals,Hispanics,or African-Americans. So why can’t we all live in this socially conservative nation,allowing civil unions for some,marriage for those who follow the True Path? Because racism and discrimination do not follow hate. They follow inequality. Injustice and class. They follow the fundamental,deep-rooted values within your hearts and traditions. They follow the closed minds of blind conservativism. Separate but Equal. Slave owners didn’t hate blacks… So tell me why social conservative,traditional values do not lead to racism and discrimination?

And the sad fact is Obama is a straight ticket, safe-harbor Democrat with one hell of a debate voice. While moderate centrists like Clinton have the public’s fear and expectation,Obama remains oblivious to labels simply due to his lack of risk and youth. This is mainly deliberate for any presidential run he’s considering… Just like Giuliani for GOP in 08: the Rock n Roll tactic. Leave em wanting more. Massive poll numbers. And my fear is that to win back any kind of Free America,the kinds of Democrats we’ll be seeing for the next 12 years will be moderates appeasing to that well-oiled GOP Campaign/Rove Machine. The Lesson’s over,and the Democrats need something seriously bold,moving; someone who can define all this Freedom we seem to throw around like opium-laced candy on Halloween. My map of America is filled with notes of hope and doom overlayed chaos. I’ve choked on poll numbers twice this morning. No rest for the wicked.

But let’s not loose all heart,Rick Santorum is fucked in PA by savage greyhounds escaped from Tom Delay’s campaign headquarters.

Some Wicked Lesser God

Perhaps I’m just in a violent,dangerous mood; it could be that whisky and wine has taken hold of my brain and things like Semagic telling me that "whisky" is misspelled set me off into a wild frenzy… But I don’t think so. That doesn’t explain the wickedly jovial face of Dennis Hastert staring my senses down to a dim nausea. Note to All Professional Politicians: saying "I should not be forced to resign" is a stupid flacid meaningless statement in Washington DC that spells your own doom. I don’t know if you’re already spent the entire emergency fund on those lovely plane trips to Scottish golf courses,but it might be time to put Karl Rove back on the front lines for that sort of thing. Now are the final days; Love & Murder & Hate Ads & wild blood. People can get away with murder in the last 30 days of an election; but not condoning pedophilia (sorry Ginsberg,you’re fucked). Luckily Justice comes in the form of partisan appointees and terrifying pundits, and these crimes will be punished at the fullest extent the enlightened hand of free market can provide.

And God knows we’d never elect or hire drunkards into professional services like Politics & the private sector. At least not ones that get drunk and dream of fucking little boys or slitting the throats of Arabs or hanging Blacks… No no, we’re a civilized country.

Upholding the equal rights for American – our founding principles are purely nationalistic and patriotic,we hold no high ground to those not born within our borders. This country was founded by Americans wearing flannel and eating Meat & Flapjacks,for fuck’s sake. Nevermind that high talk of the founding fathers now,the Democrats are weak on anything that involves a gun. Don’t have the stomach to fire a bullet into the pregnant belly of a enemy combatant. That’s right,despite my handicap as a reformed anti-idealist,I believe in our country’s founding principles and ideals based on respect for human life and equality,not American life and equality. But fuck em,we’re sick and depraved totally now. The few and weak will be stomped out in the 2008 Democratic National Convention in NY or MN by police thugs and serious pundit-religio-fanatics wearing Bush and Hoover masks calling for the Good Ol Days… Nooses hanging from sodium lamps and burnt hybrid frames with Oreilly stencils pained on the hot blacktop; North Korea will nuke Israel and Bush will release a press statement wearing buttless chaps,swinging a cross and declaring Economic Jihad against everything Communist; the voice of God coming down from the mountain where the White House secret bunker once stood throwing stone tablets proclaiming the exultation of the Twelve Appointees… Screaming banshees take over the Supreme Court with a Majority Vote.

Nope,the real money has holed up for the rest of this lifetime and are praying to whatever lesser God is left to get them the hell out of here before it all ends in terrible,unrighteous unjustified and unexpected retribution.

This message brought to you by the Liberals With Guns Coalition.