Iyad Allawi is a Democrat circa 2005… 20/20 rounds in the magazine,Nothing in the Chamber.

The Administration is so clearly inept at policy in Iraq. Allawi comes out and talks about the chaotic,frightening,dangerous Iraq,and its something that everyone chalks up to domestic politics – a problem for Iraq to solve. Meanfuckingwhile,Iraq is self-destructing into indiscriminate,religious militia warfare. Generals talk about what’s needed in a tactical environment,and the administration thinks the only American solution involves military – ignoring the "domestic" politics behind it. Ignoring the country’s destruction as a whole while focusing on large-scope idealistic neocon beliefs. Americana PR blasts the refrain from every corner: Allawi is playing domestic politics and that doesn’t concern us. We’re only interested in policies that work, fuck what people on the ground and people who are actually dying there think.

The real enemy in Iraq is the continued American policy of ignorance towards an entire culture and religion. With no regard to establishing a realistic,functional government,the American attitude supports removal of any trace of Saddam,Baathists… anything with the stench of humility of lost WMDs. We set up a purely democratic election system with a sense of Faith in the purest sense of the word. A nation unable to accept the fundamental singular premise of Freedom: tolerance… and an astounding ratio of arms to people. So we turn the loose with a blind eye towards the consequences. Consequences of the lives of thousands of American soldiers,millions of Iraqi lives facing the sky watching for flying F15s with George Bush Freedom Heads painted on the nose,dropping electoral college-level Muhammad-Busting bombs. I personally fire democracy-depleted rounds.

With the new blood of Democrats taking Congressional power with a mind to withdrawal from Iraq,we have a way out. A way out of the death,the destruction,the doomed lives of the Iraqi people. A way out of responsibility. A way out of Our Problem. I know a lot of Democrats haven’t fired a gun,may even have a doctrine against them… Which becomes a problem when you’re the voice supporting the use,sanctioned by law,democracy,or otherwise. Individually,we’re all of different biology,traditions,histories. Three million vast and disparate humans operating as one,with one gun, committing one fearful and violent act after another for The Higher Purpose of Good.

We can’t even learn the consequences of destitution and poverty in this country… But we can sure export its violent outcomes to other countries.

This neocon principle signifies that axiomatic threat to humanity: The idea that using a million guns to implement your ideal concept of good for the people around you – For Their Own Good.

Hindsight is 20/20? That’s true. But this isn’t about criticizing the Administration about past failures,it’s about accepting fucking Responsibility for our actions as a singular fucking Democratic Nation.

Thanks,Paul Bremer. You inept dumbfuck.

running on empty

No new insights,VA falls in line much faster than expected,and I’m exhausted still. Everything went as I expected,except results came in a lot faster… for better or worse. Anyway,here’s some pictures from the National Affairs Desk from election night c/o Damien.

Election 2006 Live Feed

FL13 going R,losing one toss-up seat; FL16 heading D 51 to 36 – probably major districts coming in….
Cnn won’t break down votes by districts,which would indicate which major blue/urban districts have come in vs. rural,later districts going red; something I expect to be resolved in 08.
TN corker campaign and Bill First talking about Patriot Act,terrorism,etc.

CNN projects Menendez in NJ: +1 Senate seat

but Howard Dean is FUCKING UP THE PARTY

The reason Democrats are not leaving Iraq is TWO WORDS: RESPONSIBILITY,ACCOUNTABILITY. The president fucked up. PERIOD. and we’re not leaving THAT FUCKED DOOMED DEATH-WORN SHIT HOLE that WE AS AMERICANS gave Iraq for CHRISTMAS just because BUSH’S POLICY IS RUN BY MORANS.

oh,MSNBC didn’t give Tucker a chance to finish. GOT THAT?

3:15pm: The timescale of forsaken politics ticks along specifically….

Wolf Blitzer on CNN countering salvo by salvo Fox News and the new hot Blonde Bitch vying for Ann Coulter’s spot eliminating Iraq vets. MSNBC bounces between,fitting for its channel placement…

Britney Spears is getting a Divorce in the middle of the fucking Election Day: GOP tool? Democratic scandal? Which priests and pages were involved between the pews of Congress and the next lucid dance video? CNN just blasted the house at serious volume in the middle of a newscast for a broadcast test signal – screaching banshees touting the merits of tax cuts,aborted stem cells voting machines igniting spontaneously echoes downstairs to the dismantled studio… Brave New World,China & the Dollar on "Your Money Your Vote" mixing with CNN’s coverage of lunatics on the east coast. Charles Schumer just got hammered on Fox News and has moved to this new Money/Vote show,quietly discussing Social Secuirty at a leisurely pace,in line with the Sad State of Democrats… ATTACK AND DEFEND,you bastard.

Denver has laptops blowing up left and right stranding lines of Americans down packed streets. MT and VA flooded with record number of voters,despite the massive mechanical failure in nearly every Senate state… Bomb threat in Madison. TN back on the Feed Number Two. Memphis,Harold Ford Jr will end up on the east side to accept his moderate defeat. MO serious voting problems. Judges on call making decisions on extensions in CO,MD,OH.

Yemen claims new al Qaeda threats…

Success through Conservative Democrats: Jesus Talk from Harold Ford Jr. "That’s how he is,deep faith,respect,it’s good to talk about it… Inner city black churches, Faith is a Gift". But Tucker’s blasting political motivations through faith: ICONIC,asshole. Balance of Power. Faith comes from the people, not from a government dictate. 16 seats in the House,6 in the Senate, Chalers Schumacer again MSNBC with Tucker. What’ sthe toughest state? Some are tougher than others…

Al Sharpton: "Black face on politics"

This will go to the courts….

Dispatches from Election Coverage 2006 – Mid-Morning Edition.

Voting machines are self-destructing in UT,MO,TX due to a Choicepoint/Diebold engineered Chavez-Democracy virus,targeting anyone wearing blue-colored clothing. Former Enron lawyers have been dispatched to detonate the high amount of democratic explosive contained within the offending machines in an attempt to retain voter confidence.

Fox News is reporting Democratic death squads roaming OH precincts headed by a Howard Dean stem cell cloned transexual. Schwarzenegger has been dispatched and renamed Arnold Reagan to engage in hand-to-hand combat with the aborted DNC leader.

CNN has gone off the air,replaced with the giant head of Karl Rove.

Washington state has fallen into the Pacific ocean. The Federal Election Commission and Tom Reynolds have adjusted the House seats to ensure this "does not effect our outcome."

Jeb Bush has announced he’s the next President of Florida in a press conference held in the White House situation room surrounded by the dead souls of all 4 star military generals.

Doom Sunrise

It hadn’t really set in that in 24 hours we’ll be waking up to newspaper headlines describing the battery of lawyers blasting away in two or more states for control of Congress… burning provisional ballots in giant iron ovens like wild hyenas raised on the bloodlust of Ken Blackwell. It seems all to real now. Some freakish crazed poll numbers came out of Montana in support of Tester by 8 points for no reason; a quick right jab by some liberal version of Rove throwing Conrad Burns into a violent spasm of protest. The rest I can’t handle without a serious lawyer present. There’s no hope coming up with the sun this morning,and the next two years will continue the systematic dismantling of our fearful electorate filled with Hannitys,Coulters,and other soldiers of the New Doomed Politic… characterized by extremes, lawyer-ballots,partisan cannibalism,armed cocaine-addicted pitbulls at the polls.

Alright. Enough fire and brimstone midterm predictions for this morning. The election is about to begin…

Late Night Delusional Predictions,.45 casings and Freeloading in Appleton


Go nuts on that one… only a crazed,pissed-off lunatic would managed to pick 6 Senate seats to go Democratic. My original safe bet was 50/50 with Joe Biden,where Dick Cheney would cast the tie-breaker to keep republican control of the house. It does look like,if turnout goes well,the Democrats will take the House. Ben Cardin in MD is my unlikely guess,but I’m really hoping for a Tester win in MT. I really do think McCaskill will take MO,and Webb will take Macaca (asshole)… But I just have to say to myself,whatever happens,at least Rick Santorum will be out. Not bad odds on a blue house as well – a lot of money will be made Tuesday.

Obama has rocketed to just below Clinton in the ’08 list… so much for those outside odds. If he takes Clinton in the polls in the next 4 months,I think all Hell will break loose… I don’t know if Obama would sit with just a VP and a 2012 sweep,but I’d say that’s the smart money,and sure as hell lies with the electability of Clinton itself,especially with the popularity of Giuliani and the cross-partisan appeal and respect of a McCain run (who’s assembling his campaign team now). This is all completely secondary to the fact that Obama,if he ran now with the current torrential hatred of the American Political Atmosphere,could win despite youth and experience (he has been an Illinois Senator since 1996). Being able to speak powerfully goes a long way,as does iconic imagery… I wonder what Lakoff would say.

No one mentioned Obama or my American flag in Appleton,but then no one mentioned that we wouldn’t be paid at the end of the night either. Which took a lot of steam out of me prior to an hour and a half drive back to MKE at 3am. Surprisingly,with Tyler and I poised for a bit of politicking in near-Green territory,no one was injured. Probably due to our fine women,who were keeping everybody occupied. Which is a good thing now that I play with a live .45 round attached to my bass.