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"Cross Reference News Brief" interrupted "Cross Talk" tonight on VCY with an update of the latest salvo into Your Vaginal Privilege we once called the 60’s or "Freedom,Peace and Tolerance". Christianity has bought our social poverty and anti-scientific relapse. You can count the days until your children are taught fearful virtues through manufactured abstinent boy-priests. The Cheney oil-for-war program is bought and paid for by national security interests. Pat Robertson wants you to vote Fear in 2008. Intolerance is the language of America… our body language condones genocide,our breath exhales racism. I can smell the dogs of hatred sniffing Obama’s crotch for the hunt. New Blood Will Not Be Tolerated Here. VCY is splicing Columbine footage with cheap white Rock ‘n Roll video warning graphic images we Must Show You: Revelations is at Hand and You Do Not Fear Enough for Jesus to Love You. Get in line,friends. This is the age of The War on Terrorism that can somehow be won through massive military operations and killing as many people as possible. Here’s my platform: We can’t obey the UN’s laws for war if we’re to win the war on terror: We need to kill every last radical Muslim and every man,woman,and child exposed to that religious fundamentalism before they kill us. And they will; question this you will answer to the Terrorism Witch Hunt Committee at the polls next time you want to Vote,if you have the money. Independent fall through the cracks alegal unlawful detainee of the pioneers of freedom. The Saturated Language of Politics – Buy Into It. The stock market needs your sacrifice.

Justification is the willingness and acceptance to kill millions of cultures rather than kill thousands of cells at the moment of conception through the words of the Roman Catholic Church. Jesus said some things,then a group of politicians decided to compile a book about him,picking and choosing what they wanted him to say,and it was published by Fox News and the Project for the New American Century,and now we elect war and purchase hypocrisy while placing our hands upon it.

I’m searching for various indicators and evidence of Kerry’s failure in 04. A weak campaign staff bent on appeasing the Swing Vote that lay between Red and Blue states. A rift between Kerry and the Democratic National Committee and Terry McAuliffe,now political strategist for Hillary. Kerry’s unwillingness to stand up to Bush,to go after the misguided and poor rhetoric. Edwards is running 08 with these closely in mind; he won’t make the same mistakes Kerry did. Though now it hardly matters. Even the Republican Machine has left Bush out of the loop. Bush sees this as the freedom to pursue his own personal idealistic agenda. He really believes he’s doing the Right Thing,and this goes to the heart of what I’m calling modern intelligence. There are millions of high-capacity brains out there,millions of intelligent people that impress us every day. And nothing prevents them from making poor decisions or believing in inhuman policies. And that’s what we have here today. A buffet of religious scientific clergymen applying an impressive intellect without compassion or methodology in mixing Fear, Doom,and Power into your children’s daily schoolpill. Legislating morality though obfuscation and ignorance of global community or empathy is a wonderful way to raise you kids to be blank soldiers in the homeland war on difference.

Clinton just simply comes off as Old Politics,the manifestation of the old Democrats vying for power in their eternal battle for their own idealistic counter-attack,unwilling to compromise,appealing to that ephemeral just-off-center middle America. A wise political analysis at Time talks about McCain and Clinton’s comparable obstacles for election – mainly a stagnant obstinant inability to take the risk and say what they believe. Fighting their own historical political demons,wrestling with their unprecedented life-consuming resumes. This is not a job offer, and we – here – are not middle management corporate prospective employers. We are the American Fucking Public. Wake up,this is Important. I want something that makes sense. I want America to be some place I’m proud of living in again. I want to live someplace worth a shit. I want a Hero,not a greased political machine with another 8 years hell fucking bent on War at all costs.

VCY is interviewing the multitudes of moronic fed-up overprotected lost teens with painted faces of the Insane Clown Posse.

Here’s an open invitation to interview me.

Open Question to the religious right community: If you were Executive,Judicial,and Legislative branches,what laws would you pass for an Ideal America?

Oh,and one more thing.

What really made the point about the Clinton Campaign – the attack was false:

"While Sen. Obama was denouncing slash and burn politics yesterday,his campaign’s finance chair was viciously and personally attacking Sen.Clinton and her husband," Wolfson said in a written statement releasedby the Clinton campaign. "If Sen. Obama is indeed sincere about his repeated claims to change the tone of our politics,he should immediately denounce these remarks,remove Mr. Geffen from his campaignand return his money.

Geffen isn’t Obama’s campaign finance chair. Geffen isn’t on Obama’s staff.


"If somebody hosts a million dollar-plus event,I’ll let you decide what you want to call him." – Howard Wolfson


Campaign Bullshit Tactics.

If I was looking for an indication that the Clinton campaign was politics as usual,the attack on Obama/Geffen was it. The Clinton campaign wasn’t targeting Geffen’s statement or the Obama campaign as much as it was attempting to pull Obama down to their attack-campaign level,and the Obama campaign bought into it. I wanted Obama to continue his charming image of Positive Politics – and simply shut the fuck up. Let Clinton attack Geffen and his obvious Recording Industry Statement Bullshit. Gah. How hard is it to say "I’m not interested in Clinton’s problem with Geffen." Is the Clinton campaign going to go out looking for convicted DUI donations to Obama’s campaign? The problem for Clinton is real: her massive political resume is working against her when compared to something youthful and fresh Obama/JFK/MLK tact…

After the Roves,Scooters,Enrons,Abramoffs,Rumsfelds,Haliburtons – experienced politics like Rumsfeld and Cheney and Bremer brought us the Iraq situation. These are the guys who supposedly wrote the book on nation building,based on … well,shit what?

"Vietnam,the Way It Should Have Gone In My Head" by Kissinger and Rumsfeld. "Desert Storm,What We Should Have Done and How It Would Have Gone In My Head" by Bremer. The Third. Sold in Enron bookshops everywhere. Hey,look, Anna Nicole’s dead breasts slathered in Freedom Oil from Shiites with Love…