Land of the Mean & Fear & Hate

Valarie Plame / CIA… The early denial of extraordinary rendition,WMD speculation and intelligence manipulation,while Bush sleeps off a bad hangover by accepting Tenet’s resignation… Bought & Paid-For Guantanamo Bay torture pictures condoned behind your taxpayer doors – Would you agree a dunk in water is a no-brainer if it can save lives? It’s a no-brainer for me,but for a while there,I was criticized as being the Vice President for torture… And thanks to the leadership of the President now,and the action of the Congress,we have that authority – American’s worship and praise the Mean – Fuck the Weak… Gonzales pleaded ignorance of "all decisions" at his department… FBI monitoring American citizens through the unaccountable misuse of our own Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Adequate Tools Required to Interrupt and Obstruct Terrorism…

Rush Limbaugh considers a run against anything human or Old American or Fun by shoving a cigar up Lady Liberty’s asshole for cheap thrills & pills… He’s under the gun of Newt Gingrich whose faith in the failure of citizenship in the Ninth Ward,where 22,000 people were so uneducated and so unprepared, they literally couldn’t get out of the way of a hurricane.… Walter Reed Medical Center relocates to New Orleans circa 2005 Support Our Troops Republicans privatize every aspect they can by handing out contracts to their friends who are waiting for their chance to feed at the trough. No need to provide services for the contracts when there isn’t any oversight.1

Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President,The Decider’s proposal that attorneys may testify – conducted without the need of oath… Al Gore goes to our Doomed Congress – "You’re not just off a little,you’re totally wrong," said Texas Rep. Joe Barton,the leading Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee… America votes serious facists like James Inhofe hard-up mainline politics again and again – "I believe very strongly that we ought to support Israel; that it has a right to the land. This is the most important reason: Because God said so. As I said a minute ago,look it up in the book of Genesis. It is right up there on the desk. This is not a political battle at all. It is a contest over whether or not the word of God is true."… God: Fuck the Weak.

Genetic Tests public medical records without your consent – genetic discrimination being fought by big business hiring lobbyists under pressure to maintain open market economy to keep Your Prices Down. Your freedom of speech is an impediment to the(ir) market efficiencies… The test showed that Katie has the breast cancer gene. That was the first time Fisher realized how little legal protection there is for people with a known genetic predisposition to cancer or any other disease. Employers can require anyone applying for a job to take a genetic test or fire a worker for having a genetic mutation.2 But this is Your World for a Better Tomorrow,Fuck the Weak.

And we barely tolerate the threat of subpoena for an administration that has defined unaccountability… Who continue to lie & hide under the blanket of protectionism that continually gets torn aside by professional journalists,only to claim responsibility without any fault – to play the face and coddle Mean America and never back down on horrible acts of violence & tyranny. Meanwhlie Federal prosecutors took the first steps toward reducing the prison sentence of former Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff while we quietly sleep off another Hannity-John Mayer-OReilly-induced intolerance addiction. There’s no accountability here. Just old men gathering dust & money up on the shrine of glorified stupid politics.

You’re not voting Republican for Strength,Accountability,Freedom,Morality,Valor… You vote for Mean & Fear & Hate,the new colors of the New American Century. Fuck the Weak.

Shitpig God-Whore

Gingrich acknowledges affair during Clinton impeachment. Former speaker led charge against Clinton over Monica Lewinsky affair. Potential ’08 candidate discusses issue with conservative Christian group. Gingrich: "There are times that I have fallen short of my own standards." Georgia Republican says he should not be viewed as a hypocrite

Don’t ask me why I bought a gun. Or a reload press. Or various quantities of drugs. Or ask for heroes. Or why I should run for alderman. Whatever you do,Please,Do NOT call Gingrich a hypocrite. These are the Family Values that the male-dominant violent shitpig god-fearing preach publicly and practice in faux that give America its name and image across the globe – and these same prayer-filled Christ-egos scream down Islam as the Violent Language of Intolerance while destroying the lives of homosexuals,mexicans,and Those that are Different to them. Treat them like objects and we’ll be safe.]

Wait – Hannity is about to shit out his mouth as he passes the video off to Anna Nicole Smith as Liberals get a free pass on the Media on Fox News.

I’m beyond fucking words on this one. Hey,Conservatives: THIS IS YOUR BASE. Please,do not ask me why you piss me off so much. If only Karl Rove worked for Bill Clinton… Or Satan – you’d all be listening to Slayer by now. Shitipg Gods run for candidacy under the American Flag,and You All Buy It.

wait,this is shit,let me post something relevent.


Letter to the Editor in response to Ann Coulter’s Funny That Way… by John Cloud.

Are straight people allowed to say "faggot"? Are white people allowed to say "nigger"? Generally no. Our unwritten speech codes require that those words be used only by gays and blacks,respectively (black gay scan say both). Which is just as it should be: minorities can reappropriate slurs if it empowers them or even if it just humors them— I think it’s funny when fellow gays sarcastically say "Hey faggot" tome. But it wouldn’t be so funny if,say,my heterosexual boss said it.Sorry,straight people: you don’t get to say "faggot." (I can still be fired for being gay in most U.S. states,so you still have the better end of the bargain.) Speech codes are one of the many social devices that keep us from all murdering each other with our bare hands in the grocery aisle.

But note that she was using the word "faggot" with virtual quote marks around it. Surely all of us are allowed to do that — just the way I used the N word in quote marks above. She didn’t say "John Edwards is a faggot." She would never say that — not because she respects the rights of gays to full equality before the law (she doesn’t) — but because it wouldn’t be funny. Coulter wants to make people laugh more than anything; she is,as I have argued here, a right-wing ironist and comedienne as much as she is a political commentator.

And my letter:

A few quotes:

"She didn’t say ‘John Edwards is a faggot.’"

She insinuated that directly by saying she would have called him a faggot but couldn’t because she couldn’t use the word ‘faggot’… The semantics of which are clear,and Mr. Cloud saying that she "didn’t call him a faggot" is a mind-bending take on how he interprets what people say.

Try, for instance,"I’d say I have a ‘bomb’ in my bag,but I’d probably be arrested" at your local airport and see if they take the same approach.

Be sure to indicate the quotes in the air above your head:

"But note that she was using the word ‘faggot’ with virtual quote marks around it."

Really? I didn’t notice the quotes when I WATCHED THE VIDEO OF HER SPEAKING. John Cloud has amazing vision.

"So I’m not sure why she thought it would be funny to target a gay joke at Edwards."

And here we have Mr. Cloud fully admitting that it wasn’t funny,because – wait for it – she wasn’t really making a joke about the absurdity of Edwards’ sexuality,but Actually Calling Him a Faggot (note the missing quotes).

But the problem with Coulter isn’t that she’s a conservative ironist – it’s that she’s a regular on News outlets as an Analyst and Newscaster and OpEd author – titles that contain Legitimacy. I don’t see John Stewart or Bill Maher on CNN being interviewed about Iraq policy as an analyst.

These are scary individuals that are putting bigotry and intolerance into the very well funded entertainment-as-news industry,not cutesy "oh,look at her bash crippled servicemen,isn’t that funny?" humorists.

But,I forgot to add "By the way,John Edwards is a ‘nigger’". Shit.

Eat Shit and Die.

Oh, I meant to say this earlier. The new Nine Inch Nails album is tits.

I’m sorry about your relationship problems and your depression problems Trent,but get the Fuck on the Bus. There are a few more important things now we need to take care of. Get on the Fucking Bus to Washington,we’ve got Shitbastards to take care of. While you were making a double album of some misguided love and loss wreck with a token few moments of brilliance,the rest of the world went to absolute shit. Get on the fucking Bus. Good job. Yes,those are your Balls. Yes, that’s what we in the industry call Real Fucking Anger. Yeah,it feels GOOD doesn’t it?