Fuck Gays,Fuck Iran,Fuck peace,and Fuck You.

From the GOP debate last night:

Candidates were asked about the Bush administration’s policy of communicating with Iran only about Iraq. Rep. Duncan Hunter of California said he believes the United States should communicate with Iran despite what he termed its constant state sponsorship of terrorism. But he also warned that he would not allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapons program.

"I would authorize the use of tactical nuclear weapons if there was no other way to preempt those particular centrifuges"

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani was challenged regarding his position on abortion. "I’ve taken oaths of office to enforce the law. … My view on abortion is that it’s wrong,but government shouldn’t be forcing that decision on a woman," Giuliani said. Lightning in New Hampshire Tuesday night broke the seriousness of the debate and interrupted Giuliani,causing his microphone to cut out.

Yeah. The Gun-Driven GOP Hopefuls,looking to Punish. Time.com has an article on the fact that Bush’s pro-democracy funding of NGO’s,broadcasts,etc. into Iran and his hope of a velvet revolution is backfiring just like all the Iranian pro-democracy supporters said it would. Iran is cracking down hard on ousands of pro-democracy groups and imprisoning all sorts of people with little pretext other than having any connection to the US. With Duncan Hunter talking about nuking Iran – which is the fucking message,despite any technical rhetoric about the "tactical" adjective – is not going to bring about any sort of Iranian Democracy or pro-western Middle East. The problem is that these kill-hungry hawks cannot fathom a democracy without bloodshed. Especially when a Middle East democracy is only going to come about from some sort of stability and peace starting with Palestine/Israel and flowing through Lebannon,Syria,Iraq and Iran. The Bush Doctrine and the candidates’ hope for more war as "punishment" is not going to change the minds of two or three generations of families that have lived with wars’ atrocities all their lives. American Punishment means little more than a further distancing Western society with all its glamour,fame,money,and secularism and the Islamic world. As long as the US is engaging in propagating more death throughout the middle east with no focused,clear peace policy,we’ll see that distance grow and we will watch their children grow into extremists filling that gap.

I’m real fuckin’ sorry it hurts your pride to choke down a little tolerance,Mr. Hunter and Mr. Romney et al.,but the truth stings and you show little fucking backbone when it comes to leadership. What I see is fear and a child-like kick-response,not the heroic humility of soldiers doing their job for this country. And everyone else can see the violence your support has wrought in the Middle East,and the hatred propagated to the farthest stretches of the Earth. Raising humanity up into democratic peace through the barrel of a howitzer or a fucking tactical nuke. Establishing the purpose and goal for fundamental extremists to exist would not be my fucking solution to Terrorism. You give them their enemy. You give them the target. You give every reason for Islam to distrust Western Society.

Trading up domestic poverty,security,economy,and our Bill of Rights to bring the "war to the Terrorists"… Your fundamental disbelief in the American justice system — built on _ideals_,inalienable,human,God-given rights. We’re no longer speaking in shallow hyperbole,but digging in deep to our own ego-centric Master Race of being a flag-toting democracy-spouting American. Soon you’ll give up on fear & death overseas and bring gitmo to our soil,sorting through the poor and rejected and different in the streets with soldiers pursuing security and homogeneity and Big White Houses with Big Lawns cut down from Beautiful Forests on Corrupt Real Estate Deals bought by drilling oil through endangered species in protected National state parks in the name of Terrorism and Freedom (from fear).

Being a Republican now means some sort of hideous amalgamate of jacketed lead and Christian authority. Democracy means an ignorant majority rule. Justice means delegating human rights to those on this side of the line.

If anything,Fred Thompson is waiting and hoping for Giuliani to continue heading up the Republican polls by the great American Independence Day,figuring a significant, presidential-amount of GOP voters would rather sit at home and avoid a Giuliani-or-Mormon-or-whomever presidency. And,the missing touch that Jon Stewart just pointed out that every candidate remained silent when Blitzer asked if homosexuals should serve in the military. Sit down and shut up,you weak fuckers,they said in silence. Your days are numbered.

Some earlier notes

Leaked today Fred Thompson’s exploratory committee that will begin fundraising in earnest,set up Thompson at the early primary states,all timed to coincide with a presidential candidacy announcement over the july 4 weekend. Patriotism.

Come on in,join the fray… Bring back the old conservatives,the old bulls,the cigar mongers,the generals of oblivion,the financial armageddon,the Dollar dropping from these years of Republican evangelical transformation… Take it all back to the womb of the American Mother of War and reset the clock back to midnight.

America loves its images,heroes and patriots and cut jaws. Even a clean cut young suck-up skip the front lines can climb aboard our Tower of Heroes and watch the bubbling broiling masses slaughter each other call out praise below. Up on high on life and cocaine and God.

What I need is another 1000 FMJ 45 (.451 dia.) bullets to continue reloading. Rainier Ballistics makes some nice bulk rounds for $80…

btw,this shit is all from my horrifying notes file. 2003 – present.