News Brief for the unapologetic faith tyrant.

Some Iraqi officials say more Saudis than any other nationality haveresponded to al Qaeda’s call. Saudi officials and the U.S. militarydeny that claim. "It is probably about time for members of Congress who have been hooked on a failure narrative to realize we’re having some success,celebrate it…" Gonzales was praised by no fewer than 10 Justice lieutenants and agency heads,weaping,tearing, commenting "I know Giuliani will fold up like a dove who got hit with buckshot in a dove hunt," with comments that snap to attention like "You know something is wrong when the New England Patriots face stiffer penalties for spying on innocent Americans than Dick Cheney and George Bush." Meanwhile,Cuban immigrants are bringing suitcase bombs to the United States according to Law & Order: The American Presidency,and if you think that is over the top of American bellies,try "I’m prepared to tell you that Americans are getting fatter and dumber" while backed by solid shares of suburban,college-educated and Midwestern Republican voters paying top dollar for front-row seats to the "No Surrender" tour headlined by a rebounded McCain paycheck. The next president will face the Lyndon Johnson presidency,while twenty-twelve primaries foster Nixon Nostalgia.