Clinton will use Electability as a pry bar to seat MI and FL delegates.

This is The Primary. The one to remember,one for the books. For over a year,maybe two years now,America has followed politics like never before. From the inevitability of Hillary Clinton’s early cinch to the inevitability of Obama’s post-Iowa poll surge,entire encyclopedias have been written and thrown out after primary after caucus. And at this point in the twilight months before the General kicks off,we have that perfect perspective of history and maybe a bit of nostalgia for those exciting days leading up to Super Tuesday when all things two massively funded campaigns could buy seemed possible.

David Axelrod is on CNN,looking extremely calm and confident,maybe a bit tired now with that feeling of certainty for Obama’s nomination. This might be surprising,as Indiana will likely go to Clinton by the time I’m done writing this. But he knows that Obama’s weathered so many of these Clinton wins and held his lead in delegates and the popular vote. Clinton takes wins in general election swing states and claims each as the start of a Momentum that never seems to manifest itself. Obama has steadily worked the right groups and the right crowds to keep himself in the lead – never quite overcoming Clinton’s base states,but certainly gouging away at her once double-digit leads to limit her take-home delegates to single digits.

The pundits and Clinton herself are hammering home the big Electability question,the last stance she can make as a losing horse in the fourth turn. Will it work? No,but it doesn’t have to in terms of the remaining primaries. Clinton is positioning herself for the Convention battle,which looms dark black and ominous just over the horizon,before the New Day dawns on August 29th. The Electability question will work like a pry bar to work a deal between superdelegates and the DNC to seat all those Florida and Michigan delegates… where Obama’s staff will face trench warfare across makeshift private phone lines sprawling through the Pepsi Center in Denver connecting them to Clinton staffers armed to the teeth with vicious,mechanical precision. Bill Clinton will be on hand with his experienced staff pulling favors at 3am.

Or maybe it will come sooner,a slow burn tactic from the Clinton campaign in the early weeks of June when the final primaries are done and the dust has settled. Maybe the question should be whether Clinton needs the approval of the primary voters across the country to throw a coup de’tat at the Convention. A majority of Obama’s supporters so far would support a Clinton nomination if she were to win,but those numbers are surely based on Clinton winning a hypothetical popular vote and delegate count going into the Convention… Clinton leveraging Michigan and Florida delegates to take the nomination behind closed doors,with CNN and Fox News Breaking News some evening on Tuesday,August 26th would cleave the party clean in half. Obama supports would be left out in a disillusioned and angry daze at which point every corner of lunatic will be making phone calls and pundits will be falling off their chairs. Any of those racial lines so numerically acknowledged by polls and demographics will be let loose in the critical days of the RNC,where McCain will walk like a Christ over a sea of Democratic blood.

No, she’ll want a commitment early for those faceless delegates,who kicked and cawed to make themselves important in a campaign that has run the length and breadth of American politics. Who knows,maybe in a cruel twist of irony,they’ll become The Deciders in June and July as Clinton focuses everything on taking the popular vote and delegate lead from Obama.