The Palin Move.

You get the general idea: The choice to go with Palin for VP was intended as a one-way ticket to bring disenfranchised Clinton supporters to the GOP ticket,and perhaps more than a few of the undecided female vote. My initial reaction was to scoff – as was most people I’ve talked to. But let’s assume McCain’s campaign staff aren’t complete morons and have predicted our collective response. So what was the point of all this?

I am Karl Rove.

Distract the Democratic party. And, what better way to distract the Democratic party than to have it start looking inwards and attacking its supporters from within. The tool to the party along gender lines. Exploit the weakness and bitterness that’s already there from the Obama/Clinton primary.

OK. Now,you target your campaign to the independent female vote. Some working/middle class on-the-fence voters,anything they can get. Strange,new secret demographic numbers…. all the while Democrats are fighting a non-existent or minority group within themselves.

More generally, to exploit a particular weakness,if you can get your opponents to argue amongst themselves about said point,you have the high road. Death from above.

Or,perhaps I’ve had some beer. Maybe it has the same effect as Karl Rove snorting dead hooker-cocaine off Bush’s asshole. Disagree? Come to Points East tomorrow and throw beer bottles at me. Preferably full. Danke.

LoA at Points East with the Lusties… Long live the Bastards!

Sex and Booze. Let’s not fuck around here: there will be nothing quiet nor safe in the back room of Points East Saturday night. Your weak eardrums and your conservative missionary social values are not welcome. Bring only what you need to drink,and leave the rest for dead.

I mean,take a look outside: There are wild chrome-crazed wannabe dreadnoughts on throaty piston-driven machines looking for serious entertainment,all paid for by Milwaukee. Some of these bastards would just as likely talk to you about long-term investment banking and life in the suburbs as drag you in chains down Water St. breathing fumes.

You’re better off under our protective cacophony,living the depraved life of the gun-toting drug-fueled progressive sex fiends. You’ll learn to enjoy it.

And I swear I didn’t pay 15 Hells Angels to come beat the shit out of everyone in the middle of our set. Har har har.

Gold,pure Gold.

A health care policy advisor for the McCain campaign told a newspaper reporter that nobody in the United States is technically uninsured, because everyone has access to hospital emergency rooms.

"So I have a solution [to the health care crisis]. And it will cost not one thin dime," John Goodman,president of the National Center for Policy Analysis,told the Dallas Morning News in an interview published Thursday.

"The next president of the United States should sign an executive order requiring the Census Bureau to cease and desist from describing any American – even illegal aliens – as uninsured. Instead, the bureau should categorize people according to the likely source of payment should they need care. So,there you have it. Voila! Problem solved."

Hospital emergency rooms cannot technically turn away anyone for financial reasons.

"So instead of producing worthless statistics that people fling around in vacuous editorials and pointless debates,the Census Bureau should produce meaningful numbers, identifying all of the sources of funds people will draw on if they need medical care," said Goodman,who helped write McCain’s health care plan.

That plan would use a combination of tax incentives and market competition to make health care more affordable. It is not a universal health care plan – it does not guarantee insurance coverage for every American.

veepstakes: it burns.

538 blog:

"last night,I texted Nate about something,and he replied "*%^$,I thought that was Obama’s text." And when he texted me back to say that,I stopped mid-pee to grab my phone. Veepwatch: it burns."

Ah,ho ho. Anyways,among the indicators that this election is is making its mark in history is the long sordid affair of party unity. Coming off a massive Democratic primary with massive turnout numbers,Obama and Clinton have generated a lot of emotional ties to their supporters. How could party unity be an issue in a super-primary with huge turnout numbers with a hated hardliner Republican president in office? I suppose the answer now seems obvious. I once thought that the people who said they’d never vote for Clinton seemed like fringe freaks and one-off fatalists. And they are. But those emotional bonds between the hardline supporters is blood.

The core of the party is always a media talking point,but this year it actually has teeth. Obama picks anyone with any hint of a pro-life stance and half the normally consistent base suddenly turns into an apathetic collapsed lung on election day. The simple equation is whether the number of Clinton supporters he loses is increased by the undecided he picks up by adding a moderate to the ticket – which in and of itself is a risky proposition alone,much less adding the complexities of state-by-state undecided counts,polls,and the primary results.

Which is one point: the President is elected by states,not national popular vote,much less the national polls… for good or ill.

But that’s not what Obama’s really counting on for his candidacy. He’s invested nearly all his money into his ground campaign. The biggest door-to-door effort in history. That hope message is pretty cold and distant coming across the HDTV. No,it’ll only really work face to face,with people you have some connection to. Obama’s campaign has,since its inception,been nearly flawless in its execution.

What does bother me are the numbers in MN,a state similar to us in WI and IA. Obama doesn’t seem to be making an effort to turn around the falling numbers in those states. Candidates can’t wait to work up through a deficit shortfall in the critical states Kerry won in 04. Luckily,McCain somehow doesn’t know how many houses he owns,a baffling good break.

CNN seems to be hacked together at the moment with odd pauses and missing tape cues falling over each other waiting for their text message. Bill Richardson is twitching strangely. He’d rather not talk about how he’s not the VP. Fox News is running a live feed of a light illuminating a dark window into the Biden home. That’s pretty fucking pathetic. Biden’s a good choice,and a safe bet, but I’m sticking with the returns on Sebelius. Kaine is out,I feel,and Bayh just doesn’t seem to share any of the qualities of either Biden or Sebelius.

Obama’s on-the-ground campaign better pay off.

Our belief in Obama’s message of hope becomes our own weakness and failure. We can’t accept a belief in Obama until we come to grips with the fragility of our own insecurities and fears surrounding our own dreams. When it comes down to the wire in November,those little cracks and crevices in all those inspired dreams will split a rift between what we want the world to be and the violent,fearful reality we live in. America is the only country that can afford to build the whitewashed subdivisions to fend off the natural progression of an accepting society. We vote for conservative beliefs of the stagnant society when we’re afraid of the consequences of having faith in our beliefs. We pray and praise The Lord because when Things Go Wrong,common sense tells us that the benevolent and omniscient cannot be at fault,so we look elsewhere for the cause. His Divine Authority has immunity. The weird must be the culprit,not the chaste life and the return to the safety of our father’s traditions and his conservative candidates.

Every generation and every decade turns up a new battle between the wealthy and the poor,the standard and the different,the white and the others. America’s decline seems to be based on a fearful retrograde away from those freedoms based on an accepting progressive society and into corporate protectionism,for those that can afford it. Those who now turn to the government to fight that battle for them. The New Protectionists.

Fon Du Lac recently postponed indefinitely an initiative (CCDI*) to accept a statement of diversity based largely on the requirement that the county board of supervisors accept that "people are to be included and welcomed in our communities and must be able to enjoy the liberties, freedom,human rights and equality to which each citizen is entitled under the Constitution of the United States of America regardless of their race,culture,nationality,religious beliefs,gender,sexual orientation,age,abilities or socioeconomic status." A dangerous proposal for those looking to protect their constituents from having to gaze upon and accept the whores of sodomite. Christians seem to accept the gospel that homosexuality is a manifestation of evil: "Evil in any form is a problem in the church. It always has been. The greater problem,however,is the church’s failure to discipline evil when it arises."* This equates to an acceptance of evil for board members who regularly watch VCY America (which televised the CCDI hearing).

Franklin Cumberbatch,a partner in the firm Boca Grande Capital made the argument that for all the youth in the college towns in the county,most leave for more accepting communities rather than stay in an aging, conservative Fon Du Lac county. He was countered by resident Vernon Voigt: "This is just a smokescreen. Their goal is same-sex marriages. We don’t want Fond du Lac to be another San Francisco or Sodom and Gomorrah."*

Whether Vernon wants homosexuality in his neighborhood would seem to be irrelevant in a country founded on Freedom bumper stickers next to W04 – but that seems to be the crux of it right there. Either we have freedom from diversity or we have freedom to be diverse. We legislate acceptance or we legislate the new protectionism,our fears of a diverse community and the erosion of familiar traditions in the neighborhood. By November McCain will have buried Obama in ads personifying your doubts and insecurities in a youthful candidate that once captured the last twinkle of hope after War and Terrorism and Economic disaster… Turn yourself in to the authorities and sacrifice your unrealistic dreams for pragmatism – for the greater good of an increasingly isolated,lonely,and scared country hiding behind blind pride and ignorance. And if Obama loses,we’ll know he was taken down by us, ourselves,the fearful country that no longer wants nor cares to be a beacon of hope on Earth.

And the Lambs will be there,waiting for you.

canoe trip.

Just returned from the Namekagen canoe trip – two days on the river, peace and quiet,completely isolated and disconnected. Incommunicado, leaving all the badness,stress and business behind to fend for themselves. I basked in the hot afternoon sun,stopped often to walk around,stretch out,and take a quick swim against the current. We picked a spot to set up camp a few miles down,around a quick bend in the river where the sharp sloped hill on one side provided good cover from any civilization in the distance. A few beers,the tent was up and the grill was ready. We talked a bit of politics and relationships,then sat quiet for a while – me reading my book and my dad simply enjoying the noisy sounds of being completely alone in the forest. Never mind that party a mile back,they’ll never last without the television to keep them busy. We saw a couple of otters come down river at dusk, bickering and fighting over a fish that one of them had caught. The scuffle lasted to the opposite shore when the lesser otter went off to find its own food. Which it did three or four feet down stream,with a quick dip below the surface and returned up with a fish in its own mouth,huffing and grunting on down the river. The other seemed content to finish dinner across the river from us,with all the sounds of teeth scraping and cracking flesh,meat and bone as we ate our own dinner of fine Louie’s Finer Meat home-made sausages.

We slept early,but woke a couple times at night to listen and watch for various nocturnal critters skittering and chattering away outside the tent. A raccoon was involved with a burnt-out beer can someone had left in the campfire some time ago for whatever reason. It clanked,snorted,chattered some more. It looked up at the flashlight we had spotted it with,and cared little. It knew where to get cheap,easy food. But not ours at least. The otter had returned to sneak around the back of the tent snorting away,and then slipped into the river. The stars were crystal clear between the high trees on the shore,and I finished my book by flashlight.

Soft air matresses are not on good terms with my back.

This morning as I finished up a fine breakfast of bacon, bacon,bacon,pancakes and coffee I heard some strange noise up river. It was an odd noise,familiar yet unepxected. Ah,a fucking motor. I ran up the hillside from our little enclave to watch a flat-bottom fishing boat putter down towards us with camoflauged hunters and fishing gear. I’d never seen a motor on this river before; nor many fishermen. There are countless carp and suckers feeding off the visible riverbed if you’re into boney,and somewhat nasty bottom-feeder flavor. In most places,the river swings between 4 feet to 3 inches deep,just enough for a canoe to slip by… leaving me to wonder what kind of hick moron wanted to lift and drag a giant outboard motor and steel boat over the constant sandbars and rock piles. We left them to their work. We saw more deer,another osprey,various other forms of wildlife. We pulled off for a short time today while the rain passed. Brief moments of thunder and a quick downpour and it was over,and I had just finished my afternoon beer.

Tonight,cheese & raisin ravioli,and sleep. Work some aloe into the sunburn. Relax out here on the screen porch looking back on what’s left of my old childhood forset,and not think about the return to high-speed,orange-glow city life. Not that I have anything against it – I’d go batshit out here in the acres of farmland. In fact,it all seems to reassure me that all the communication cables wiring up my house,the concrete pathways in every direction towards this bar or that club,the hum of my electric guitar… was probably a good move,I’m good at that stuff. I was never good at tying knots or pulling fishooks out of a northern’s mouth. Or getting on with conservative local types hell-bent on turning forest into lawn. Maybe a cabin and some land,a lot of land,with landmines for the hunters who skip the No Tresspassing death-notices. A place to hide out and lay low with our guns blazing out into nothingness. Yeah… A place to take your city enemies. They’ll never know how to handle themselves in the middle of a forest. Driving in strange directions on a road that can’t decide if its paved or just some dirt path on the tree line. Barronette County Citizen’s Patrol. Right.