Pride & Ignorance

The latest Republican attack on Obama’s health care push is calling a mandate a "tax on the middle class." The attack cites the Congressional Budget Office release,something to the effect of a mandate costing the middle class 15% of their income; a ridiculously high number probably assembled from various worse-case scenarios and ignoring current coverage numbers.

Is there a shift now from the Republicans towards attempting to kill the bill outright now that it appears a public option has no chance of passing? If so,I think it’s safe to assume this was The Plan all along: a two-stage effort to motivate public opinion using the typical fear-triggers of socialism and hysteria,then move back to a moderate position to gather support to finish it off…

The question ought to be posed to Americans. You can eliminate any mandate and leave the uninsured out of any kind of preventative health care,but are you willing to give hospitals the right to deny all uninsured from emergency room care?

People fail to understand nor care who pays for the uninsured when they do end up in the hospital. A willful deciet to pretend our problems don’t exist.

These are the fundamental principles of debating the uninsured in health care reform. You can’t have it both ways. You must understand the underlying costs and the economic realities of how health care in America functions today. You cannot simply ignore the uninsured,turn a blind eye to the problems they face and take comfort in being ignorant. You are paying for the uninsured in your premiums and deductables. You pay for them through your taxes. You will continue to pay for them through the increasingly heavy toll health care takes on our country’s economy. And for all that money you will continue to spend,_you_ will not be healthier,live longer,or have more access to the innovative technology this country touts itself on. Healthier people live in countries with ill-labeled "socialist" health care systems,with fewer infant fatality rates. We could do better.

America does have the most advanced health care system,capable of healing the most severe – and costly – health problems. The problem is that we confuse our great American progress without defining our measure of success. Americans measure the success of our country in terms of the most profitable and most advanced elements. We take pride in the achievements of our countrymen and speak of our collective global power. A growing number of us are living further and further away from what we envision the greatness of America to be.

This health care debate is not about your definition of success. Americans need to stop defending selfish pride and start looking at their family and friends,their neighbors,and start asking themselves how this greatest of nations on Earth should treat its citizens. It’s time to turn off the hysterical televangelists,put down the socialist protest sign,stop yelling over each other. The uninsured exist. They pay taxes,the have health problems and struggle to find a reasonable voice in their country.

How are you going to sovle this? If you don’t understand how the uninsured affect your premiums,demand an explaination. That’s what news should be doing. Right now,they’re covering the incoherent outbursts of the extremes,echoing back and amplifying the banal rhetoric of the politicians and industry lobbyists. Your representatives should be explaining the direct advantages and consequences of the health care bill. Instead,we have vague connections and appeals to our prejiduces and emotions.

Republicans who have aligned themselves in the past with a Christan component ought to pick up the Bible itself again,read the New Testament,and ask themselves if Jesus preached a message to rewarded your self-determination,lower taxes and unregulated markets,or if sacrificing equal rights is worth denying the sick in the eyes of the Lord.

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