Celebrating Low Black Turnout in North Carolina

From FiveThirtyEight’s CLARE MALONE on North Carolina

But Republicans in the state are heartened by the lower turnout thus far. The state party sent out a release trumpeting what it called the “crumbling” Obama coalition, specifically pointing out the decline in the black vote:

African American Early Voting is down 8.5 percent from this time in 2012.

Caucasian voters early voting is up 22.5 percent from this time in 2012.

As a share of Early Voters, African Americans are down 6.0 percent, (2012: 28.9 percent, 2016: 22.9 percent) and Caucasians are up 4.2 percent, (2012: 65.8 percent, 2016: 70.0 percent).